Spring of River Bosnia

Vrelo Bosne is the spring of the river Bosnia located southwest of Sarajevo in the suburb of Igman Mountain. It is one of the country’s top natural landmarks and is one of the most famous scenes of natural beauty in the region.The springs flow along in the park and are among the greatest in the country. You will be guided through the park with its natural springs, waterfalls, and trees, combined with Igman Mountain, present a beautiful peaceful setting ideal for family relaxation. You will see ducks and swans on the water, slow moving streams all around, lush vegetation, the cool breeze from the Igman and experience that offers every visitor an atmosphere that cannot be forgotten. In this area nature is provided a really great deal that feels breath of untouched nature. However, what is most beautiful is the only source of the Bosnia River, which springs from a number of strong karst springs at an altitude of 492m. A great place for families, with many parks for kids.