National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 11th of October, 1946. The core of its initial collection consisted of about 600 exhibits that were transferred over from the former Gallery of the National Museum of BiH. The Gallery’s doors were first opened to the public in 1959 with its first permanent exhibition. Today, the collection consists of over 6,000 invaluable pieces divided into several sub-collections. In addition to the collection, there is a Documentation and Library Department that enables thorough research to be carried out on variety of art topics, within the Gallery’s premises. Since the Gallery’s establishment, more than 900 major and minor exhibitions were exhibited there, whether they were locally currated or just transferred from other institutions; as well as over 150 publications were published. During the 1992-1995 war, despite the circumstances, the Gallery kept its doors open and has organised around 42 exhibitions.