BBI Center

BBI Center is a shopping mall in the center of Sarajevo. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Bosnia and Herzegovina, stretching to 43,000 square meters. It was opened on April 6, 2009. The BBI Centar was built on the site where Shopping Mall “Sarajka”, popular state-owned department store, stood during the time Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of SFR Yugoslavia. Around 90 shops offer worldwide known brands in fashion, sports and technology for a unique shopping experience.

Within this unique facility in the very downtown, you may also find a supermarket, beauty salon, hairdresser salon, kid’s playroom, as well as enjoy the specialties of our restaurant, take a break with sweets or salty meals on the Food Court, and have refreshments in cafés. During your stay in the Center, you may leave your car in one of the 464 parking lots under video surveillance set over three underground levels.