Brusa Bezistan

This substantial building was erected in 1551 by Rustem Pasha, Grand Vizier of Suleyman the Magnificent. It was used for selling the silk that Rustem Pasha himself produced in Bursa. The Brusa Bezistan was damaged during the 1992-1995 siege of Sarajevo. Following extensive repair works, it now houses one of the Sarajevo Museum’s permanent exhibitions, thereby ensuring the continued survival of this building, an important part of the cultural heritage. The permanent exhibition is based on the chronological principle, with the archaeological material on display divided into three sections: prehistory, Antiquity (including the earliest example of a fleur-de-lis in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the middle Ages. The gallery of the bezistan houses exhibits from the Ottoman period (including the most expensive equipment of an Ottoman warrior) and the Austro-Hungarian period.