Alta Shopping Center

Alta Shopping Center is situated in the heart of Sarajevo’s Central Business District and presents 6 Levels of retail shopping that includes a lower level Market and two subterranean parking levels. The contemporary glass facades on multiple frontages offers tenants and cafes to open onto the main entry square and main thoroughfare across from Bosnia’s Parliament Building. On the upper floors and rooftop restaurants afford views of the picturesque valley beyond. The exterior façades features complex intertwining wall planes that symbolizes the Bosnian knot of joining the old shopping district at one side with the new growth in the opposite direction.

Streching over 24,000 square meters with over 50 shops, Alta invites you to shop and enjoy unique selection of national and international top brands, some of which are represented for the very first time in Sarajevo. One-way escalator systems at each end of the galleria provide ease in circulating up multiple floors and experiencing the mall like an art gallery.